ABOUT Blissful Sunshine botanicals

As a trained Skin Care Specialist, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Herbalist and avid believer of Natural Healing, I bring you an all-natural product line of medicinal herbal teas & tinctures, skin, body & hair care.  From child-hood I was raised to believe in alternative methods of healing, including homeopathy, massage & bodywork, and healthy & organic eating habits.  Since becoming an adult in this unfortunately toxic world,  I am constantly seeking knowledge or new methods to keep the body naturally healthy and in balance.

All Blissful Sunshine botanicals products are made with care for the health and beauty of your mind and body.  No harmful "chemicals" or synthetic ingredients are used, and only natural preservatives, such as vitamin E and essential oils, are used in all products. The herbal medicinal teas & tinctures are specially formulated and blended or extracted using locally and sustainably grown or wildcrafted, and certified organic high quality medicinal plants, many of which are grown on our farm. 

For 7 years I was Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy and Bodywork.  I received my initial training at Utah College of Massage Therapy, and followed with 3-week intensive Thai Massage course in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
For my Yoga training I attended the Yoga Teacher Certification Course at Yogi Hari's Ashram (RYT) in Miramar, FL.

I was blessed with the amazing and transformative experience of a 9-month Herbalism course at California School of Herbal Studies.  For 3 years, I volunteered at the Sonoma County Herb Exchange, a non-profit collective of medicinal plant growers.  As my knowledge of plants grows, I continue to provide more of the herbs I use in my medicines and body care products. I am now growing a large variety of medicinal plants on my family farm, in Cedar Grove, NC - Maple Spring Gardens

Please enjoy what I have to offer and contact me via email  if you have any questions or concerns.

                                                                                                               To Your Health and Happiness!
                                                                                                               Sunshine Dawson,  Herbalist