Pure Body Care

Hand-crafted with care using locally grown, sustainably wildcrafted and organic medicinal plants, pure and natural ingredients, and only a few natural beneficial preservatives such as vitamin E.
There are no synthetic or harmful ingredients used in any Blissful Sunshine products, and all are tested only on humans, myself being first everytime!                                      
Garden Faery Salve
shea butter, coconut oil, and healing herbs to help soothe and smooth rough, overworked hands
also great for rashes or mild skin irritations
-2oz jar   $18

Healing Hands Cream
specialty oils, with healing herbs and soothing hydrosols to help nourish dry, rough skin
-2oz jar $20

Lemony Bliss
body cream  
thick & creamy with shea butter, moisturing cucumber hydrosol, and deliciously brightening lemon balm & lemongrass
-2oz jar  $18   &   4oz jar  $28

Arnica Compound Oil (out of stock)
arnica with other anti-spasmosdic & anti-inflammatory herbs helps reduce pain & speed up recovery from muscle, joint, and tendon/ligament injuries, pain & overuse
-1oz & 2oz jars

Hem-R Soothe
soothing & astringing herbs & oils help to strengthen & tone hemorrhoids, reducing size & related pain
*A 'safe for use during pregnancy' formula is available. Please specify when ordering!
-1oz bottle   $12

After Sun Care (Available in Summer)
soothing aloe, cooling cucumber, and calming lavender give relief to sunburn and help prevent peeling
-4oz  bottle $18

Blissfully Bug Free
safe, effective, natural bug repellent with lemon eucalyptus essential oil - said to be "as effective as deet"
-2oz spray bottle  $14

Itchy Stop
cooling, and calming astringent for when
those bugs do bite!
*not reccommended for those pesky long lasting chiggers - take a bath with a 1/2 box
of baking soda instead, it really helps!
-10ml ToGo roll-on applicator & 1oz refill  $12
Mother & child inspired products

Boo Boo Salve
herbal ointment for cuts, scrapes,
and other open wounds; with anti-
microbial and anti-fungal properties to
promote clean, swift healing
-1/2oz jar $8

Blissful Baby Balm
soothing salve made with coconut, olive oils &  calming, healing herbs for all over mama and her new little love
great as a natural diaper cream
-1oz jar  $8  &  2oz jar  $14

Buddha Belly Cream
soothing & nourishing cream for pregnant bellies; helps to keep skin in optimal strength & condition for expansion
-2oz jar $28
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