Medicinal Herbal Teas & Extract Blends

All Herbal Teas (tisanes) and Extracts are blended using quality organic, sustainably grown or wildcrafted ingredients; many of which are now grown on our farm, Maple Spring Gardens (see Life with Herbs for more information).  The extracts are made and blended by herbalist Sunshine Dawson, for their therapeutic value, with your health and wellness in mind.
Stress Ease  1oz 
a blend of calming herbs to support the nervous & adrenal systems; use for emotional upset, anxiety, tension, irritation, anger, over-thinking/restless mind - skullcap, california poppy, blue vervain, milky oats, lemon balm
Can be used daily; Not recommended for use during pregnancy  

Liver Support Tonic
a blend of herbs that help support & protect healthy liver function; good for those exposed to environmental & food/drink based toxins, especially over-indulgence in alcoholic beverages - turmeric, milk thistle seed, burdock, dandelion, black peppercorn
Can be used daily; Not recommended for use during pregnancy              

Sunny Bitters
a blend of bitter & carminative herbs to help aid digestion, relieve gas and bloating from over-eating, "heavy" or hard to digest foods - artichoke leaf, gentian root, oregon grape root, ginger, angelica root, orange peel
Can be used daily; Not recommended for use during pregnancy

Fire Cider
warming, stimulating, spicy blend of herbs in an apple cider base to help increase circulation, stimulate immune system, and improve sluggish digestion - use to warm the body in winter, at first signs of cold/flu symptoms, and increase digestive fire - apple cider vinegar, honey, horseradish, turmeric, garlic, ginger, lemon, thyme, cayenne, black pepper
Can be used daily as a tonic - add to beverages, as a salad dressing, or drink straight from the bottle!

Herbal Teas

Brain Tonic (25% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
increases circulation and brain function; very clearing and stimulating for the mind
Can be used daily
- ginkgo leaf, gotu kola, tulsi, peppermint, rosemary

Nite Cap (80% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
gently relaxing herbs to help release stress & tension for a good night's sleep
Can be used daily
- skullcap, chamomile, hops, lavender, blue vervain, milky oats

Woman's Health Tea
(40% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
a blend of herbs to help restore balance to the urinary-genital are - use at first signs of burning, itching & irritation that may signify a urinary or yeast infection
Can be used daily until symptoms are gone
- raspberry leaf, pau d'arco, horsetail, goldenrod, violets, calendula, cleavers

Tummy Soother
(100% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
a gently soothing blend of herbs to help with gas, bloating, nausea
Great for Morning Sickness!
- chamomile, lemon verbena, anise hyssop, lemon balm

Gentle Cleanser
(90% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
a blend of herbs to help gently cleanse the liver, blood, and lymph
Can be used daily
- burdock root, dandelion root, sarsparilla, cleavers, calendula, red clover, ginger

Warming immune Support
(50% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
tonic herbs to help boost immunity, especially during the cold months, or change of seasons
Can be used daily
; not recommended during acute infection - astragalus, codonopsis, tulsi, oats, ginger

(85% grown at Maple Spring Gardens)
a blend of herbs high in vitamins & minerals to help nourish your body
Can be used daily
- nettle, oats, hibiscus, violet leaf, lemon balm