Herb Farm

Gardens, green and growing

The winter of 2013/14 I moved back to my family farm in Cedar Grove, North Carolina.  A beautiful 80 acres of fertile soil, with creeks, a pond, forests and Mother Earth loving vibes.  My intention is to be sustainably growing many of the medicinal herbs that go into my natural products. As it evolves, I will keep updating pictures of our beautiful plant allies, so you can see the medicines as they grow from the Earth to you, my dear supporters.
Both Culinary & Medicinal herbs are available fresh & dried from our farm.  As well we grow a large variety of vegetables, small fruits and cut flowers.  Please check out our farm at  www.maplespringgardens.com   
Where it all begins!
Beginning of life
Turmeric Seed from fall 2013
Inoculating Reishi mushroom logs
April Garden
May Garden
June Garden
Young Blue Vervain
Little Kapoor Tulsi
Kapoor Tulsi
Krishna Tulsi
Violas - Johnny jump ups
Abundant Chamomile
Lemon Balm
Anise Hyssop
California Poppy
California Poppy Whole Plant
Daily Spring Harvesting
Herb Field
Viola infused oil
Copper Alembic Still
Pot o' Cornflower
Cornflower - First distillation on the farm!
Making Fire Cider
Soloman's Seal - Appalachian mountains
Angelica on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Butterfly mating on Fennel
Farm Work
Full grown Nettles
Harvesting Chickweed
Reishi Mushroom harvest