Hydrosols:  aka “Floral Waters”- waters which are separated from essential oils during the water/steam distillation process; hydrosols are aromatic, containing many water soluble fragrant materials found in the plants they are derived from; they hold similar medicinal properties to their essential oil counterpart, but are less concentrated, making them a great choice for all people, especially children.
*Each hydrosol offered is steam & water distilled from fresh harvested plants naturally grown on our farm, Maple Spring Gardens.  A traditional copper alembic still is used, and because it is small, only 2.5 gallons, very little essential oil is extracted.  For this reason, all essential oil is left combined with it's hydrosol. They are distilled from fresh plant material at prime harvest time, thus they are a seasonally produced product and may not be available year round.

*Hydrosols are best kept out of direct sunlight, and refrigerated when not in regular use.  They are usually good for 12-16 months under these conditions.
*Hydrosols are all available in personal use 2oz spray bottles.  If you are interested in larger quantities 16oz, 32oz, & 64oz may be available.  Please contact Sunshine with inquiries.
Lavender Hydrosol (Lavandula angustifolia)
water/steam distilled from flowering stalks
Very floral and sweet with a hint of camphor, this hydrosol is calming to the skin and senses. Calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory, it is great for use on sunburns, cuts & scrapes, all skin types, stress & tension
2oz spray bottle $12

Rose Geranium Hydrosol
(Pelargonium capitatum "Attar of Roses")
water/steam distilled from leaf and flower
A delightful rose-like scent, restores balance to sensitive, problematic skin. Eases PMS and menopausal conditions,
taken internally it combats heat.  Also great in artisan drinks
2oz spray bottle $12

Lemon Balm Hydrosol  (Melissa officinalis)
double water/steam distilled from leaf and flower
A highly priced essential oil due to the large quantities of plant material needed, this hydrosol is a great alternative.  Very calming in times of stress and fatique, it makes a great aroma spray, facial spritz or addition to bath water.
2oz spray bottle $12 

Tulsi - Holy Basil Hydrosol  (Ocimum sanctum "Kapoor")
water/steam distilled from leaf and flower
A sacred plant in India and found in most Hindu homes, this hydrosol has a deliciously spicy, warm and soothing scent.  Great as an aroma or facial spray to help relieve stress and enliven your mind. Helpful for indigestion when spritzed directly in the mouth or added to a beverage.
2oz spray bottle $12

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
water/steam distilled from flowering stalks
A delicious aroma this is a "womens choice" hydrosol, wonderful for symptoms of PMS, balancing to hormones and euphoriant. For skin care it is astringent and balancing and refreshing for oily skin.
2oz spray bottle $12

Lemon Verbena Hydrosol  (Aloysia triphylla)
water distilled from leaf and stem
Sweet & lemony scented, this delightful hydrosol is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, providing mental relaxation.  It is clarifying for normal to combination skin, and anti-inflammatory specifically for the mouth and nose - great for dental issues, and for overly dry mucus membranes.
Also delicious in deserts, beverages, and sweets!
2oz spray bottle $12
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Other hydrosols are available by order in bulk sizes include Peppermint, Rosemary, Calendula, Cornflower/Bachelor Buttons . Please inquire if interested.