In all the busy-ness of today's life, we fall into chronic holding patterns of our bodies and minds, which feel comfortable, but actually act to misalign our muscles and bones, and stagnate our thoughts.  This often leads to chronic pain, usually in the back or neck, dis-ease, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

I have combined the teachings of my guru, Yogi Hari with my knowledge in anatomy and massage therapy to provide a style of yoga concentrating on breath, awareness, and realignment (physically and spiritually).

I teach private sessions, leading the student through a specific series of breathing exercises and asanas, or postures, according to their ability.  By helping the student become aware of their body's positioning in correct postures they can reduce these daily holding patterns and effectively realign the body.

The overall effect of this style of yoga is to increase strength, flexibility, and endurance, and to decrease pain and fatigue, while balancing the whole body.  Breathing exercises help to expand and cleanse the lungs, therefore allowing the vital organs more oxygen for better functioning, and to help activate prana (energy, life-force) creating deeper peace and energy within.